SlimCOOL® cooling clothing - cryotherapy at home for weight loss and body shaping. | SlimCOOL cooling clothing - Cryotherapy at home


Shape yourself with SlimCOOL

Use more energy and lose weight by cooling

Researchers from Harvard have discovered that people have brown adipose tissue (BAT), which breaks down white fat and makes it leaner. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same amount of brown fat and it decreases with age unfortunately.

But how can you easily increase your amount of brown fat? By cooling! That's why we started to develop Slimcool cool clothing for weight loss. From women for women!

The high-tech fleece COOLINE SX3 binds water within seconds on the 3D material on the fleece fibers. The outer fabric is dry quickly.

Due to the normal heat development of our body and the large surface area, the water molecules bound in the 3D material evaporate so effectively that they reach a comfortable temperature of 18 to 20 ° C with a cooling capacity of up to 660 watts.

Enough to form brown fat and still not freeze.

Discover now the SlimCOOL product world and learn how fast you can lose weight with SlimCOOL. Simply activate the cooling of your SlimCOOL products and correct problem areas by cooling: How it works!

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