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SlimCOOL PowerScarf

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Cooling helps with weight loss. This has been scientifically proven through a number of research studies.

We have developed SlimCOOL technology and integrated it into clothing so that you don’t have to bathe in ice. The technology cools the T-shirt and other products effectively with 660 watts to between 18-20 ° C. At this temperature, scientifically proven brown fat is activated and assists you in losing weight. Simply wear the garment at home or elsewhere and whenever you have the time to optimise your physique.

Brown fat can be found on the shoulder and neck, as well as on the sternum and laterally on the upper part of the spine. You are able to lose weight by increasing the amount of brown fat. This can be achieved simply by targeted cooling at the central points. To cool these areas, you should use the SlimCOOL PowerScarf as a perfect compliment to the SlimCOOL PowerShirt.

Simply activate the scarf with 0.25 liters of tap water, dry and tighten.

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Material: Upper material: 100% polyester; Padding: 100% COOLINE polyester




Cooling area - size: 50 x 10 cm



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