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SlimCOOL Chaps

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Cooling helps with weight loss. This has been scientifically proven through a number of research studies.

We have developed SlimCOOL technology and integrated it into clothing so that you don’t have to bathe in ice. The technology cools the T-shirt and other products effectively with 660 watts to between 18-20 ° C. At this temperature, scientifically proven brown fat is activated and assists you in losing weight. Simply wear the garment at home or elsewhere and whenever you have the time to optimise your physique.

The SlimCOOL Chaps cool the buttocks, the hips and the thighs. Of course, the sensitive areas remain free of cooling.

The chaps are equipped with antibacterial DEOXXfresh finish.

Simply activate via 5-10 seconds with approx. 0.7 liters of tap water, dry and fasten.

There are the chaps in different sizes and also they can be individually adjusted with the belt and the Velcro straps on the side. Especially when the first effects are already visible.


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Material: Upper material:  100% polyester; Padding: 100% COOLINE polyester


  Thigh measurements


 54 - 56 cm


 56 - 58 cm


 59 - 62 cm


 61 - 64 cm


 64 - 67 cm


 67 - 70 cm




SlimCOOL cooling clothing is - unlike most other cooling functional textiles - washable. All our products are washable by hand or in a wool wash cycle -  without spin-drying -  at 30 °C with the special detergent 'DEOXX® ecowash' (alternatively: TOKO® ecowash) developed for our refrigeration functional textiles. Many other commercially available pH-neutral liquid detergents are also suitable, but we can not guarantee this due to the different chemical compositions.

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